Friday, November 13, 2009

Medifast Insider Creditguy_97132 Goes After Medifast Critics

Medifast Insider Creditguy_97132 Goes After Medifast Critics, Doesn't Understand SEC Rules (Too Much Free Time)

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 @ 11.07 AM

Yahoo Message Board for Medifast alerts us to the Insider Posting activity that Yahoo ID Creditguy_97132 has apparently been using the Medifast Message Board to browbeat and abuse people who were mentioning that they found faults with the Medifast business model particularly the Take Shape for Life multi-level marketing business and highly questionable business practices including the use of omission of facts in deceptive advertising conducted on the Internet.

Creditguy_97132 posted obscenities used to browbeat other Yahoo ID members include "Scumbag”; “dirty, filthy low life scum”; “YOU PIECE OF FILT H!!!."; “LYING, SICK and DISGUISTING individual!”.

In addition, Creditguy_97132 posts stock claims like an illegitimate penny stock boiler room operator:

“50 years from now, Medifast will have solved the world obesity problem and will have rewarded their shareholders 100,000% returns”.


Creditguy_97132 has posted over 3000 of these pro-Medifast messages over the last 11 months indicating this is a full time job for this individual.

This comes after Chairman Bradley MacDonald was caught posting on the same Yahoo Message Board as Yahoo ID Barron’s highlighted this illegal activity in an article by Neil Martin and subsequently Bradley MacDonald stepped down as CEO of Medifast but still remains as Chairman.

Bradley MacDonald posted:

So, why does Creditguy_97132 lash out at these critics to the tune of 3000 postings over an 11 month period?

You guessed it.

Creditguy_97132 claims he is just a Take Shape For Life (“TSFL”) health coach and receives monthly commission checks. Wait a minute. Creditguy_97132 actually works for Medifast?

Creditguy_97132 is compensated by Medifast to manage the Medifast message on the Medifast Yahoo Board for the stock and sell Take Shape for Life products for Medifast. The Yahoo Board is important to Medifast because it is frequently read by a large number of TSFL health coaches who have limited knowledge of investing but have been encouraged by Medifast to buy and hold Medifast shares.

Other Medifast Take Shape for Life coaches compensated by Medifast include Yahoo ID ibelieveinmedifast and

ibelieveinmedifast rates Medifast stock a strong buy at $31 and posted:

"I agree with Barb as I am also in the business, since Feb. 2005. I have never paid one cent for any leads. If anything, my upline gave clients to me, and even the Medifast company will give us their clients who have already ordered. Nobody else does that.

So Gene, I think you're getting us mixed up with some other outfit, whose name used to start with "A".

There are many other Medifast linked Yahoo IDs too numerous to mention.

Medifast continues to engage in the same questionable practices and illegal stock promotion activities on the Yahoo Message Board highlighted by Barron's but now channeled through alternative Yahoo Ids belonging to their army of TSFL health coaches with the consent of the Medifast. No Company policy exists prohibiting such illegal practices..

The Medifast Yahoo message board is turf they will defend at any cost and at a great liability.
Creditguy_97132 has been refuted for being factually incorrect on several postings, and it results in abusive language directed at these critics, and posting them all as “Liars” and posting obscenities listed above to name a few.

Given the massive infestation of Medifast propaganda on the Internet, -- both in the form of paid by Medifast reviews, banner ads and “independent” websites claiming to be news sources – it seems Medifast is engaged in a massive deceptive and misleading stock promotion and advertising campaign in violation of basic SEC and current FTC rules.

For example, the negative review and rejection of Johns Hopkins study ("Medifast Diet Disorder" Sept. 4, 2006). Several weight-loss researchers to reviewed a one-page abstract of the study by the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center. They concluded that it needed more work and believed it added little to the body of research on weight-loss management. "It looked like a very flawed study," said one researcher.

As seen before, this type of paid by Company deceptive advertising results in heavy fines and penalties by the FTC and in the case of stock promotion, can result in serious consequences for Medifast management by the SEC.

By attacking critics and promoting Medifast stock, Creditguy_97132 and other TSFL health coaches are recording massive violations for prosperity and for the SEC to review.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NO FTC SAFE HARBOR ON Medifast FALSE ADVERTISING 13-Oct-09 11:05 am Medifast is on the WRONG side of the FTC

Medifast is on the WRONG side of the FTC.

Medifast Internet advertising is in violation of the new FTC guidelines.

FTC Paid To Review Products Online- New Guidelines

Medifast continues to promote FALSE ADVERTISING through banner ads and the use of "independent" websites promoting Medifast claims.

This Medifast False Advertising Misleads the Public Consumer.

Medifast Scientific Advisory Board are Paid Consultants, including an advisor from Hershey's Chocolates.

Medifast internet banner ads consistently state 20,000 doctors (implying today) recommending Medidast is misleading and FALSE ADVERTISING.

Fact: Today there are less than 200 active doctors.

John Hopkins Study is a PAID and STALE study by Medifast.

John Hopkins says NO to Medifast.

Take Shape For Life websites consistently make claims of a "John Hopkins" study.

Visit the John Hopkins Weight Management Center website and search for Medifast.

You will find nothing:

But Medifast websites and advertising imply John Hopkins endorses and is recommending Medifast.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jim Cramer Dead Wrong on Medifast Bullish Call

Cramer said during the Lightning Round that Medifast "fits the profile we want under Obama." He recommended waiting for the stock to come down before pulling the trigger.

On Thursday October 8th 2009 , Medifast added 91 cents, or 4.2%, to close at $22.62.

Jim Cramer is dead wrong on this call.

Obviously homework not done and he has retracted mistakes in the past.

Jim Cramer is great.

Medifast Stock and 10K Financials are like a hot dog:

it tastes great, but you don't want to know the ingredients ... nor the consequences.

"Kid, you're on a roll. Enjoy it while it lasts, 'cause it never does."

Lou Mannheim (Hal Holbrook), Wall Street